Laurence DENIS-LEROY has been recorded at the Paris Bar from 1998 to 2020. 

Nowadays, she is Trademark Attorney since January 2021, before having been from 1989 until 1998. She is also a member of the CNCPI.

Laurence DENIS-LEROY holds a Master 2 in Literary, Artistic and Industrial Property obtained at the Faculty of Paris 2 Pantheon ASSAS (Promotion DEA 1988).

Laurence DENIS-LEROY is also European Trademark Attorney for the European Office for Intellectual Property.

She has previously worked for ten years as an industrial property attorney in the firm RINUY SANTARELLI, a firm known on the market. During the ten years she was able to acquire a solid experience in the acquisition and management of property portfolios Industrial and in all related administrative proceedings, both in France and abroad.

Laurence DENIS-LEROY was “Of Counsel” in the Parisian Franco-German law firm BMH Avocats for Intellectual Property matters. Laurence DENIS-LEROY joined BMH Avocats to create and develop a Department for the creation and management of industrial property portfolios. This twenty years at the Paris Bar, ten of whom worked for renowned Parisian law firms, enabled the development of a relative and specific judicial jurisdiction to the Intellectual Property in the defense of the intangible assets of its customers.

This unusual double training allows him to advise and assist his clients from the time the securities are filed to litigation by mastering all the administrative and legal aspects of Intellectual Property.

Laurence DENIS-LEROY is a member of the APRAM (association of practitioners of trademarks and models) since 1990. Laurence DENIS-LEROY works in both French and English.