Cabinet LAWrence


Intellectual Property Attorney

Cabinet LAWrence is entirely dedicated to Intellectual Property.

Created in 2005 by Laurence DENIS-LEROY, founding lawyer, the law firm is now located in LE HAVRE and quite soon in Rouen. It was located in PARIS for at least 10 years.

The firm is turned both to a French clientele but also foreign one. The firm advises and assists, in view of its structure, a clientele composed of small and medium-sized companies in a wide variety of fields.

The firm assists its clients during the procedures for examining these assets in front of all the Trademark Offices directly or through its foreign colleagues.

The firm, directly or subcontracted, intervenes in the assessment and audit of intellectual property portfolio during mergers and acquisitions or partial asset disposals, as part of due diligence.

Finally, the firm drafts all contracts specific to IP (coexistence agreement, transfer of securities, license agreement, franchise agreement, collateral agreement etc.).

For its French clients, the firm has a strong network of specialized, reliable, efficient and competent colleagues abroad, practicing invoicing similar to that of the firm, ie adapted, fair and competitive. The firm advises its clients on the acquisition strategy of intangible assets, taking into account their business and their internal development and operating strategy.

The firm provides training (initiation to IP or a specific subject) at the client’s request for marketing and / or sales. The firm provides more general training for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small businesses through a network of accountants.

The firm works in collaboration with Patent Attorneys with national and regional notoriety in all technical aspects of patents (from filing to granting the patent).

Cabinet LAWrence is constantly striving to offer its clients the most sophisticated service possible while remaining very responsive and flexible, all at a controlled cost.